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Book Reviews

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“I founded the Roots & Shoots humanitarian and environmental program to help young people around the world understand and care. Art Sussman’s book joyfully teaches the science we all need to know, and inspires people of all ages to think deeply about who they are and what they do.”
Dr. Jane Goodall, founder, The Jane Goodall Institute, and UN Messenger of Peace

“I’m a visual learner, so this book was amazing for me because there are pictures describing almost everything. I also love how Dr. Art is such a big part of the book. It’s like you get a teacher helping you learn right in your book, with you at all times.”
Ms. Jillian Jetton, 9th grade student, Berkeley High School

“Those not familiar with the inspiring results obtained from centuries of scientific exploration are missing out on humanity’s greatest adventure. As Dr. Art points out, science is all about understanding. His beautiful new book now makes it all clear: not only why we on Earth live on huge floating plates and have bodies formed from stardust, but also how scientists have been able to reach such amazing understandings. For readers of all ages, this is an easy and enjoyable way to catch up on what was missed in school.”
Dr. Bruce Alberts, past president, National Academy of Sciences

“How can dancers at a 50th Anniversary Ball explain states of matter, and why do we live on the Goldilocks Planet? Dr. Art’s Guide To Science explains these and many other basic and big ideas in science in ways that are simple, elegant, and fun.”
Dr. Richard Vineyard, president, Council of State Science Supervisors

“As a teacher, I appreciate how Dr. Art connects science standards with my students’ daily lives. By showing how science ideas fit together, he makes science much easier to understand for both students and teachers.”
Ms. Rhonda Spidell, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator, National Science Foundation

“Dr. Art’s Guide to Science is a refreshing look at the big ideas of science, through the eyes of a gifted and delightfully quirky science educator. In every chapter the major subject is not just what we know about the world, but how we know what we know. And like the mysterious world in which we live, there are surprises at every corner.”
Dr. Cary Sneider, vice president educator programs, Museum of Science

“Written in an engaging style with eye-catching graphics, Dr. Art’s Guide is fun, informative and educational, all at the same time. I look forward to using this book in my work with both pre-service and practicing teachers!”
Dr. Jerome M. Shaw, assistant professor of science education, University of California Santa Cruz

“This book will immerse readers of all ages in the joy of science. They will develop a deep understanding of how the life, physical, and earth sciences explain our world.”
Mr. Eric Packenham, director, Building a Presence for Science, National Science Teachers Association

“Dr. Art’s Guide To Science provides an engaging exploration of why science matters and how science works. Its great balance of big ideas and effective vignettes make key science concepts accessible to today’s students.”
Dr. Len Simutis, director, goENC.com (formerly Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education)

“This is a timely resource for science teachers, parents, and those who teach science in an informal setting. It gives you the background, the connections, and the next steps. A must have for your science resource library.”
Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez, president, National Science Education Leadership Association

“This superb book helps us think about how our planet works, who we are, and what is life. Dr. Art invites us to jump in and Try Science.”
Dr. Eric Marshall, director, TryScience.org