Dr. Art's Guide To Science
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the book

Dr. Art's Guide To Science takes us on an awesome journey through atoms, energy, forces, and the universe. We land safely on planet Earth, explore our home, uncover the no-longer secret code of life, and investigate life's history. We look into the future and discover...

the dvd

Dr. Art Does Science features 12 chapters where experiments, demonstrations, and animations illuminate key scientific concepts associated with the Chapter topic. The DVD also features the complete "Dr. Art's Planet Earth Show," combining exciting science demonstrations with audience participation to teach how our planet works...

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featured chapter

Chapter 7 - Home Sweet Home

Using Earth system science, we investigate Earth?s solid stuff, its liquid stuff, and its gas stuff. Plate tectonics, the water cycle, and the carbon cycle help us conclude that Earth is essentially a closed system for matter. Each of the elements that is vital for life exists on Earth in a closed loop of cyclical changes.

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Cool Stuff

Access activities, animations, video segments, and links to targeted, high-quality websites.


Hear Dr. Art correctly pronounce science words, find out what they mean, and where they appear in Dr. Art's Guide To Science.