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Chapter 5

Forces Be With Us icon

Explore gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong nuclear force: three forces that account for many features of our universe and planet. Wonder with Newton and Yoda how forces such as gravity and magnetism can make something move without touching it, and discover the answer in the Awesome Connections Idea.


  • Make a Stripped Down Generator   DVD icon
    Electricity can be made simply by moving magnets past wires. This important feature of electromagnetism is how power plants make electricity to power our home electronic devices. The Electromagnetism chapter of the DVD "Dr. Art Does Science" includes some experiments with the Stripped Down Generator.


  • Magnetism Preview   DVD icon
    Preview a clip from the magnetism chapter on the Dr. Art Does Science DVD.
  • Static Electricity Video   DVD icon
    See why rubbing a material can cause it to pick up and then release some other material that has not been rubbed. The "Dr. Art Does Science" DVD has a static electricity chapter.
  • Why Doesn't the Moon Fall Down?
    This brief video/animation explains that how the Moon stays in the sky, despite the gravitational attraction between Moon and Earth.


  • Isaac Newton Biography
    This biography from the BBC tells about one of the most important and fascinating people in the development of modern mathematics and science.
  • Magnetic Lines of Force
    Gravity and magnetism set up invisible fields. We can visualize magnetic fields using magnetic materials, as demonstrated in this "snack" from the Exploratorium.
  • Stripped Down Motor
    In Chapter 5 we discover that electromagnetism is the glue of matter. It is also the engine of modern society. This "snack" from the Exploratorium demonstrates the role of electromagnetism in motors.

Just Kidding

Yoda in England, page 64
No, duh, Yoda did not visit Isaac Newton in England in 1687. According to his passport, the first time he went there was in 1971 to visit Dr. Art who had recently received his Ph.D. and was now doing scientific research at Oxford University.