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Chapter 4

Energy & Dr. Artís 50th Anniversary Ball icon

Find out why defining energy is like defining love. Explore energy, and experience how Dr. Artís 50th Anniversary Ball explains the states of matter, and the difference between physical and chemical changes. Ponder whether a water molecule is wetter than a rock molecule, and discover why matter is hard.


  • Energy Video Preview   DVD icon
    Preview a clip from the energy chapter on the Dr. Art Does Science DVD.
  • Exploring Changes in States of Matter
    Dr. Art's 50th Anniversary Ball models the differences between solids, liquids, and gases. This video shows how mystery mud changes states because of magnetism.
  • Why Matter Is Hard
    We learn that the atom is mostly empty space. Yet, we experience that matter is hard. Dr. Art discusses this question in the book, and this video also provides an explanation.


  • Changes (Chemical)
    Chemical changes generally release or absorb energy. This website provides background, common misconceptions, and activities about chemical change.
  • Changes (Physical)
    Adding or removing energy can cause physical changes to matter. Website includes background, common misconceptions, and activities.
  • Chemical Reactions
    This website from the American Chemical Society provides background information and invites you to explore chemical reactions.
  • Exploring Energy
    From the California Energy Commission, a website expalining energy science and how we use energy sources. Dr. Art prefers his way of defining energy over the one provided here ("ability to do work").

Just Kidding

All You Need Is Energy, page 47
The real title of the Beatles song is ?All You Need Is Love.? Since they needed energy to write and sing, that song is scientifically incorrect. I was very upset. When the song came out, I sent the Beatles an email saying they should have called the song ?All You Need Is Energy.? They never responded. That might have been because I was the only person using email in the 1960s.

Professional Summarizer, page 61
I did not hire a professional summarizer. I wanted to spend that money going to the movies to see ?Adventures of a Science Educator: Episode 27,? so I did the summarizing myself.