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Chapter 13

Where Are We Going? icon

What does science predict about the future of the universe, the solar system, and planet Earth? After reviewing what will happen to the universe and the solar system billions of years from now, we focus on three global environmental issues that confront us today: ozone, global climate, and biodiversity. We apply the Earth Systems principles of chapters 7, 8 and 9 to understand these issues and their potential solutions.


  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions   DVD icon
    This activity dramatically illustrates the different per person amounts of carbon dioxide emissions from different parts of the planet. Also check out the "Global Emissions" DVD chapter.
  • Dynamic Balance in a Bottle
    This activity illustrates the principle of dynamic balance, how a system can stay the same even though changes are happening. It also can be used to illustrate what happens when changes alter the balance.


  • Global Emissions Animation   DVD icon
    This 4-minute animation compares societal carbon dioxide emissions from different regions of our planet, and explains why we care.
  • Greenhouse Effect Video
    This video explains the greenhouse effect, and how adding greenhouse gases can change Earth's cimate.
  • Ozone Hole
    This animation explains how ozone in the upper atmosphere is formed and destroyed.


  • Biodiversity and Conservation
    Explore biodiversity and discover how the Field Museum in Chicago is involved in this important local and global environmental issue.
  • Global Warming
    A hub website dedicated to global warming and climate change science education and solutions.
  • Interview with Mario Molina
    This is a student interview with Mario Molina, the first Mexican American to receive a Nobel Prize. He won the Nobel Prize for the important discoveries he and two other scientists made about the dangers of chemicals to Earth's ozone layer.
  • Roots & Shoots
    Chapter 13 describes serious global environmental issues. Fortunately, groups such as Roots & Shoots empower people to make a difference by becoming involved in projects that promote care and concern for animals, the environment, and the human community.

Just Kidding

Superstitious Chapter 13, pages 224-225
My original plan was to skip chapter 13, and have the final chapter be called Chapter 14. I was also going to pretend that the book?s publisher made me do it because they were superstitious. The publisher did not like that idea, so I kept Chapter 13 as the chapter about the future. Now you know whom to blame if the future gets messy. Word of advice: science and superstition are usually incompatible. In a lab report, don't write that the experiment only works if you knock on wood three times before putting on your safety glasses, but not on Friday the 13th.

There Goes the Sun, page 226
The real title of the Beatles song is ?Here Comes the Sun,? not ?There Goes the Sun.? It is an upbeat song about sunshine and happiness. It definitely does not sing about the end of the solar system.