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Chapter 12

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Explore the history of life over the 4.5 billion years of Earth’s existence. Build upon what we have learned about atoms to understand radioactive dating. Experience how physical science, Earth science, and life science combine to unravel the mystery of the dinosaur extinction, illustrating the Awesome One Science Idea that all of science works together to explain reality.


  • Evolution Statements
    Chapter 11 and 12 provide background about evolution, and ask readers to consider whether they agree or disagree with seven statements. As promised on page 222, here is how Dr. Art would respond to those statements.


  • Dating with Radioactive Carbon
    In Chapter 12, Dr. Art explains how we determine the ages of things by measuring radioactive potassium and argon. This animation explains dating using radioactive carbon.
  • Radioactive Dating with Uranium
    In Chapter 12, Dr. Art explains how scientists determine the age of objects by measuring radioactive potassium and argon. This video shows how uramium is used for radioactive dating.


  • Deep Time
    Explore 4,550,000,000 years of changes in Earth's geology and biology.
  • Evolution and Religion
    The last episode of the PBS "Evolution" series discusses the relationships between science and religion, offering the view that they are compatible.
  • Explore Earth's Geological History
    Explore from 4500 million years ago to the present time using the web geological time machine from the University of California Museum of Paleontology.
  • Rocks Falling from the Sky
    Until just two hundred years ago, the best scientific minds of the times ridiculed the idea that rocks could fall from the sky. Things that we know today and take for granted were once considered ridiculous.

Just Kidding

Talking Subatomic Particles, page 208
Contrary to popular opinion, subatomic particles do not talk. I had to make up what a proton, electron, or neutron might say about itself if it were aware of itself, the whole atom, the nature of matter, AND could talk.